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Natural hair cosmetic product made with wholly natural ingredients


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3DAMO is a natural cosmetic company that produces and sells nature-friendly cosmetics (for scalps, eyebrows).

Thank you for visiting our company, which always strives to provide you with the best satisfaction by considering you first. We at 3DAMO are always doing our best to create natural products that can be used by everybody. After six years of research and development, our products are made by “using natural ingredients obtained from nature”, reducing the worries of people concerned about hair or eyebrow loss.

People want to maintain lustrous and healthy hair as they get older...
Due to various stresses and environmental pollution, etc., the hair of the scalp weakens and thins, falling off in the end.

3DAMO’s current products have been developed to maintain healthy and beautiful hair, reducing the phenomenon of hair loss through our continuing research efforts. All our employees at Vovoo Korea do their best to provide healthy hair products so that all our customers can enjoy shiny and strong hair.

We will uphold our promise to become a company that practices love and affection for customers, putting people first as we work to fulfill their needs and exceed their expectations.

We appreciate your continuing support and encouragement for Vovoo Korea.

Thank you for your time.

Head Office : RM. 307, 285-10, Eobongji-gil, Gyeongsan-Si, Gyeongsangbuk-Do, 712-220, Korea
Daegu Office : #36, Gloden Tree B/D 2F., Yulhaseo-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu, 701-847, Korea

Tel : +82-53-752-3424 Fax : +82-53-752-3425E-mail : 3damoin@naver.com

http://www.3damo.com http://3damo.koreasme.com

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